PostalExperience USPS survey @ If you want to participate in the USPS Customer Experience Survey, check this post. Here you can find complete information about USPS Customer Experience Survey. That is, in this post, we have included the instructions using which you can complete your survey easily. Also, we have provided the survey rules and requirements. Check further details in the below section.

USPS also known as United States Postal Services invites its customers to share their views and opinions. The customer’s feedback is used for the betterment of the services. is the official survey site of USPS. You need to visit this site in order to participate in the USPS Customer Experience Survey. The survey includes a few questionnaire and customers need to answer them genuinely. It can be completed in a few minutes and the good part is you can win the rewards for giving your feedback. Below, we have updated the survey instructions, rules and requirements. Check them in detail.

PostalExperience USPS survey at

Take Survey or Give Feedback

USPS Customer Experience Survey
USPS Customer Experience Survey

USPS Customer Experience Survey – Postal Experience

You need to give genuine feedback based on your most recent experience. These are the rules and requirements that you have to fulfill for participating in the survey:

  • Employees working at USPS and their immediate family members are not allowed to take part in the survey.
  • You should have at least 18 years or more, to get an entry into the survey.
  • You must be a legal resident of the United States.
  • You must have made at least one purchase at the local post office of USPS.
  • You must have a PC or a laptop or a smartphone with internet access.
  • You need to have knowledge of English or Spanish language.

After fulfilling the above rules and requirements, you need to follow these instructions in order to complete the USPS Survey successfully:

  • Open the web browser on your device.
  • Visit the official survey site of USPS or click on the official website.
  • Once you click on that link, you will be redirected to the USPS Survey website.
  • First, select the language of your choice.
  • Click ‘Next’ and then you will land on a new page.
  • Read the information provided on the screen and click ‘Next’.
  • Then, enter the zip code printed at the top of your receipt.
  • Again click ‘Next’ and enter the required details.
  • After that, select the location and date of your visit
  • And then, click ‘Next’ to proceed.
  • Now, you need to answer all the survey questions genuinely.
  • After completing, submit your survey.
USPS Customer Experience Survey - Postal Experience
USPS Customer Experience Survey – Postal Experience

USPS Customer Experience Survey – Rewards

USPS hands out rewards in return to the valuable feedback given by the customers. This feedback will help the organization in serving its customers better. Anyways, For taking part in USPS Customer Experience Survey, you will be rewarded. The following are the details related to it.

  • Upon the completion of the survey, you may either win the cash rewards or stamps/first-class stamps.
  • You may also receive the coupon code.
  • You can use that code to obtain first-class stamps at your local post office.
  • Write that code on your receipt and use it on your next visit.
  • And, do not forget to carry the receipt with you.

About USPS

The United States Postal Service (USPS; also known as the Post Office, U.S. Mail, or Postal Service) is an independent agency of the United States federal government responsible for providing postal service in the United States, including its insular areas and associated states. It is one of the few government agencies explicitly authorized by the United States Constitution.   The USPS is the operator of the largest civilian vehicle fleet in the world. It was formed in the year 1971.

The United States Postal Service employs some 617,000 workers, making it the third-largest civilian employer in the United States behind the federal government and Wal-Mart. Each day, according to the Government’s submissions here, the United States Postal Service delivers some 660 million pieces of mail to as many as 142 million delivery points. As of 2016, the USPS operates 31,585 post offices and locations in the U.S., and delivers 153.4  billion pieces of mail annually. The USPS as of February 2015 has 617,254 active employees and operated 211,264 vehicles in 2014. The USPS as of February 2015 has 617,254 active employees and operated 211,264 vehicles in 2014.


In case you are looking for a job at USPS then it will show you the way. USPS has a lot of jobs in the offer for the citizens. These are the jobs that USPS offers: Delivery & Operations, Corporate, Students & Graduates, Transitioning Military. You can visit the official site to know more about the job, payment details, employee benefits and much more.

Visit this link to know more: USPS Careers

USPS Customer Support – Contact Details:

If you have any queries, then you can contact the customer support team of USPS. Below are the contact details:

  • Customer Service Number:  1-800-275-8777
  • TDD/TTY Relay: Call 1-800-877-8339. Ask for 1-800-275-8777
  • Email for Technical Support:
  • Official website:

USPS Hours of Operation:

USPS works in the following hours. Timings may vary based on location and sometimes it depends on mail volumes.

  • Monday             – 8 AM – 8:30 PM ET
  • Tuesday            – 8 AM – 8:30 PM ET
  • Wednesday    – 8 AM – 8:30 PM ET
  • Thursday         – 8 AM – 8:30 PM ET
  • Friday                – 8 AM – 8:30 PM ET
  • Saturday          – 8 AM – 6 PM ET
  • Sunday             – CLOSED

That is all about the Survey. We hope that this information was useful for you. If you still have any questions or doubts regarding this post, kindly let us know them through your comments.

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  1. I sent some important correspondence via certified mail to have tracking proof. I was told it would be there in approximately 3 days. The tracking showed no movement other than being “in transit” until it finally got delivered 10 days later. Unfortunately that was too late and I missed the deadline and it cost me a possible employment opportunity. I can’t understand how an item mailed within the building either was not dispatched and hence delayed from being sent as it should have been…. It wasnt going that far and there is really no excuse for taking that long a period of time.
    The tracking number was 70171450000034476854 so feel free to verify it.

    Thank you for looking, Tom

    1. try express mail next time, that is guaranteed to be there 1 to 2 days or you get your money back Tom, if it was really that important.

  2. I went to the Braintree Post Office purchase a roll of stamps and 2 books and mailed letters / everyone was very nice friendly and proficient

  3. February 28th 2019 I visited the post office in Porter TX 23550 Partners Way 77365-9998
    Heidi was the clerk that helped me. She went way out of her way to take my too small box and had me buy a bubble envelope so that the label would fit. She used cardboard to protect the item. She helped me years ago to send an International box properly. She is so very helpful!!

  4. Mr. Christmas at the Gulfport Post Office, located on Courthouse Road is a very welcoming person. He greeted me as soon as I walked in the door. I have had many experiences with him. He is always nice and eager to take the next person in line. Bubbly personality. He makes my day.

  5. Hi I was in a post office in Frankfort, Ky. on 3/5/2019 I was the seventh person in line!! The attendant, Karlon (last name??) was working alone, (not sure why) She was patient and courteous to the customers, even though they didn’t have their items together or knew what they were doing!! By the time I got to Karlon, she was still patient, courteous and apologized for my wait time. I do hope you value her as an employee because she has more patience and understanding than most people I have ever met. She is always friendly and has a smile on her face and I’m in this post office at least 3 times a month.

  6. I would like the USPS to know about how much our Mail Carrier is APPRECIATED . Her name is JILANA CLARK- 60612- RT.8. She is VERY dependable and does her job well. Whenever our neighborhood have substitute mail carriers, It’s a disaster , Because we sometimes go days without mail delivery, And when we have mail delivered we get a lot of- OTHER PEOPLE MAIL- FROM A FEW DOORS DOWN -TO A FEW BLOCKS OVER!! That is a serious violation in this day of Identity Thief, And awaiting important mail THAT NEVER COMES. WE NEED MS. J CLARK , WE DEPEND ON HER, And we would like her superiors to know that she is the BEST MAIL CARRIER WE EVER HAD!

  7. I just sent three certified letters from the Waxhaw Post Office. Marshall was the clerk that assisted me. He was professional, friendly and very helpful. He’s more of the kind that you need. Superb job Marshall.

  8. I just left the post office on Lincoln Ave. in Pasadena, CA. The clerk, KIM, helped me mail a package using the self-service kiosk. She was very helpful, advising me of the best way to send it so that it not only got there quickly but provided me with tracking as well. The most important aspect, though, was that she discovered I had put the wrong zip code on my package! If she hadn’t made that discovery, who knows how long it would have taken it to get to its destination!

    Kudos to Kim and all the other postal employees whose skills keep thousands of pieces of mail moving around the world each day. Thank you, one and all!

  9. We received exceptional service from the Brighton, Colorado Post Office with Tina, when we went in to set up a PO Box

  10. Great service as usual at the Brigham City, Utah post office.
    Cheiisey is very quick and efficient.
    I’d have to say all their employees are quick and efficient.

  11. I am a retired postal employee so I don`t think I can take the survey but I would like to comment on my recent purchase. I asked for a book of stamps and I was asked which ones I would like. I saw a display of stamps and asked for the flowers. The clerk told me they were on a sheet of 12 so I asked for 2 sheets. I was charged $13.20 . When I got home I looked into the cost of stamps and noticed I was sold the special stamps (that I did not ask for) Year of Boar and I paid $.55 per stamp instead of the regular $.50 . I was annoyed that I paid extra because of the special issue and the clerk did not even tell me what I was buying. It was not the sheet of mixed flowers that I thought I was getting but left the post office without thinking.
    It would be nice if the clerks tell you the stamps you are buying are not the same price as the regular stamp.

    1. excuse me, but you didn’t pay extra. The stamps cost 55 cents. The stamps went up in price on January 28th, 2019. You didn’t get any special stamps. The special stamps are Breast Cancer. You were charged the same price as everybody else in the world is paying .55 cents per stamp.

  12. 840-0076-003-00030-52929-0
    I had a stamped card picked up by my local West Hartford, CT mail carrier from my mailbox on Sat 3/9 (being mailed to family member in NYC). It was imperative that the card was received by Wed 3/13.
    On Mon afternoon 3/11, I found the card returned to my mail box with a stamp marking that said, “non standard size, addl postage required 15¢”
    I then had to drive 3 miles to the post office, wait in line for 30+ minutes behind those mailing packages and getting passports to pay the requisite 15¢!!
    I find this situation totally ridiculous. When I inquired as to why my mail carrier could not have noticed that the card was non standard (it was a square card, not rectangular….it had no notice on it that addl postage required), I was told, “carriers aren’t trained”.
    My question is….why not????
    To me, this shows extremely poor customer service and lack of basic mail carrier training….
    As a result, I had to inconvenience myself and my simple card was seriously delayed for an additional 15¢. And naturally I will be relaying this story to others as a clear example of why the post office has serious customer service problems.

    1. why on earth didn’t you think about just putting another stamp on it, instead of having to drive 3 miles and then having to wait in line? Have you heard of Unions? Yep, the post office has them. Clerks do clerk work, carriers do carriers work. We can’t cross into other peoples job. I’m sure you can understand how the post office flows now.

  13. I love my West Melbourne Post Office. Even when the line is out the door, the clerks are professional, polite and efficient.

  14. Clerk #16 at the Whitehaven (zip 38116) facility is the most pleasant USPS worker I have ever met. She said that she has worked her job for a number of years, but she was as cheerful as someone who has been out of work for months, just got her job, and is grateful that someone would hire her. Her disposition remained constant whether she dispensed information about USPS rules, handled rude customers, or simply sold stamps. She made me feel lucky that her unit is near my residence.


  16. My experience with the Warren, Ohio, 44481-9998, was excellent. The workers are always kind and helpful. They are pleasant and professional. Keep up the good work!

  17. I mailed a large priority flat rate box to Christiansted, VI 00820 and the box was weighed at the Post Office. I was charged for the weight! I thought that if it fits, it ships? Why am I being charged extra according to the weight. I send a box weekly to 00820 and I have never been charged for the weight unless it is not in the flat rate box.

  18. The service at the Wauwatosa post office is the worst and it gets even worse as time has gone on. There is no consumer concern at all. I just got back and waited thirty minutes to get service. One worker was working on passports. The other worker was unable to even carry packages to the cart a few feet behind him, so he went and got a cart to place the packages in. It took him 2-3 minutes to just get that cart because he had trouble just walking . Then you had the workers that would just walk past and see the line of customers are did not open the third window available. There were at least fifteen people in line waiting for service. Noticed that quite a few customers left out of frustration. This is not the first time that I experienced this kind of service, but I felt it was time to final complain about service at the Wauwatosa Post Officem

  19. I wanted to thank you for the service I always receive at the Iselin, NJ Post office. They are always pleasant and helpful and acknowledge that you are waiting. I appreciate the customer service. My clerk was 09 . Thank you!!

  20. Bill # 840-51900109-1-2271442-2
    Clerk 28 Opened late. Had a nasty atitude. Gave her a pakage for a returned. Wanted to ask a question. Before i got another word out, she handed me my receipt and said that’s all you get. Then she walked away.

  21. Clerk #9 in Dodge City helped me to send a very important (to me) art booklet to the Brooklyn Art Library. He was very kind and patient and listened to my explanation about what was in the package and recommended the safest mailing method. Thank you for your great customer service!

  22. Postal worker had an attitude when I was waiting when he opened the door at 8:30 am. He could have been kind and opened the door for me, but he just unlocked it. Then the attitude got worse with his unprofessional comments that he felt were humorous. Hey, he’s got a great job; salary; Benefits; pension. Days off. He should be happy. But he is miserable. He should be grateful there are customers. The office is in Penndel, Pa. I hope he reads this and his boss reads it.

  23. 1.I mailed a very important item to Medicare regarding my coverage. The recipient told me they did not receive it. This has resulted in a major expense for me.
    2. I mailed a form to Social Security to try and resolve the above problem. I mailed it via certified mail. It was not delivered. The tracking information does not indicate that it was ever delivered. I called USPS, and was told they would investigate and get back to me. They did not get back to me. I do not know if they investigated or not.
    3. I tried using the postalexperience survey. It does not work, I could not advance to the survey page.

  24. The site is not functioning properly. Today went to postoffice in Bluffton SC. The package center for priority shipping was empty with only large boxes available. No envelopes or labels. Then found label on back table however no pens anywhere in site. I waited in line for next teller and went up asking for a small priority box and envelope as well as a second label for the second package. I was given a scowl and he wanted me to get out of line to fill in label. I stated I would like a small box that was not available in lobby. He stated they were in the back then glanced at line, indicating he was not going to get them. I stated I was here to mail out a small box and envelope, if he would give me a second label and a pen I will have them filled out before he was back from getting the boxes. It was not a great experience and feel he was not helpful.

  25. My tracking number is 9400111699000587355784 for a package that I am expecting. Today, I received notification from USPS that my package was delivered at 2:44 pm at my mailbox in front of my house. I have been home all day and the only items that were delivered was a letter and a magazine. Where was my package delivered to? I would like my package delivered to me!
    Please respond.

  26. I think the package I sent went to the wrong house. It was to go to Richmond, CA and the slip and tracking show it went to San Pablo, CA

    That was a birthday gift and I am very disappointed in the USPS for sending it to the wrong house. I will call tonight and see if my friend got
    the package and if she did great, if not chock another blunder up to the USPS, I am always getting mail from others and others for me.

    Tracking # is : 9505 5150 3601 9082 3252 05

  27. EVERY time I have gone to the 21128-9998 post office, there is a line to the door (or out the door) because there is only one employee ever at the desk. This is too busy of an area to not have both lines open. The employee is very apologetic and always kind to customers, but she should not have to apologize for the 20 minute wait to each and every customer. This is why today alone, I heard 3 out of the 4 people I saw leave, state they were going to UPS. And another thing, your button link on this page to report technical difficulties with completing the survey-yeah, that button doesn’t work. It’s as if you really don’t want people completing the survey at all.

  28. Turned in a yellow hold mail card to the local Post Office Titusville, FL on 3/12/19 in person. Instruction to hold mail from 3/16 thru 3/23/19 and that we would pick up our mail when we return. Came home late in day of 3/23 and found our mail box stuffed with mail and a prescription package with a note from someone in our neighborhood that they had received my Prescription package with the proper address as mine in their mailbox. We returned to the Post Office today 3/26 and spoke to Supervisor Marla Petty and she check there was NO MAIL HELD at the Post Office. We spoke to her regarding the package of medicine in wrong mailbox of neighbor and she said that the PO takes real concern on Medicine. Asked if we had the package, no we did not trash was pickup on Monday 3/25. We now found out which neighbor received the package and placed the note in our box with the package, their address is 2705. Big difference to 2685. This has happen in our neighborhood many many times. Neighbor delivering mail to another. Marla says that we are a training route??????
    Short route of about 4 hrs. Even so we need to get this corrected, you never know if you get all your mail, I am using the app everyday and double checking my mail, but if I don’t get it I never know who has it…..I received many prescriptions from the VA and they have my correct address…..just delivery is not up to par in our neighborhood. This needs to be corrected.

  29. Clerk 04 (sorry, didn’t get her name) is ALWAYS pleasant and welcoming. She greets with a smile and as if she knows you and offers assistance without being pushy or annoying. Actually this is the way it has been for awhile now. In years past I hated going to the post office because of the personnel with whom I had been dealing for probably 20 years! Some acted like they had never seen me before. “Miss 04” is delightful.
    I do not like the new machines at the PO…Not at all user friendly, asking for too much information and complicated to understand.

  30. Our postal personnel are really great. They are always friendly and helpful. Our letter carrier is also the best.

  31. At the Lake Grove PO at 15875 Boones Ferry Road, Lake Grove, OR., I was unable to mail a priority medium size box through the self serve machine. Instead I had to stand in line to mail the package. I was inform the self serve machine does not work for most people. That is ridculous! Ever since the new machine was installed last November it is either down or nor working. Please get this fixed!

  32. Good morning my name is Debra Morehouse. I am a Summerland, CA USPS customer and am writing to express my appreciation of the Post Office staff in Summerland. They are all extremely helpful, efficient, and friendly. Our Post Office creates such a positive community experience you will often find residents chatting and smiling in route to get their mail or obtain a service. 3 Cheers to your local Summerland Post Office staff.

  33. Had wonderful customer service at Woodridge Post office in Woodridge, Il on 4/2/19 at 306PM for bill #840 5604 0078 3 4065616 1 with clerk 04.
    She always has a smile on her face and very kind and helpful. Great employee! A big shout out for clerk 04.

  34. The James Griffith USPS office located at 9320 Emnora Lane, Houston, TX 77080-9998 (4801820037), has recently made a TREMENDOUS turnaround.

    For many, many years, it used to be staffed by surly, inefficient, and insufficient staff. Although it is the closest post office to us, we used to avoid it as much as possible.

    We are now actually enjoying and appreciating our visits to the James Griffith post office. There are more staff manning the counters, they are friendly, helpful, and efficient now.

    This office went from a horribly run post office to a well run office. My guess is USPS changed management and employees at this location

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    My last transaction was on April 5, 2019: 840-5770-0044-003-00015-53025-02

  35. I always have a very positive experience at the Lake Buff IL post office – extremely speedy and very professional and friendly!

  36. This is to express our sincere gratitude for the genuinely kind and wonderful people you have working for you at the Anacortes WA Post Office. We were expecting a chemotherapy drug to be delivered to us for our very sick small family member; however, the pharmacy sent it to our old address. Upon discovering this we immediately went in to put in another change of address card just before closing time. As we were explaining the situation Kitty took the card and then wrote and posted a note explaining the emergency to the next shift members. We came in the following morning and asked if the chemo had arrived. Danny informed us It had, but had already been routed to our old address prior to our change of address card the day before. Danny immediately notified Keera, who was routing mail that morning of the situation. Keera immediately contracted Steve our old delivery person and confirmed he had the package in hand. Keera told us he would return it to the post office that evening and we could come in when the post office opened in the morning and it would be there. However, Steve went above and beyond the call of duty and personally delivered it to our door before going back to the office. It was a God-Sent for him and the others to do what they did for us, because we found out the pharmacy put a cancellation out on the delivery. That meant we have to start the process over again and it had already been almost two weeks without the live saving medication. Thank you so much, Ron & Kate Nelson

  37. I mailed a very important document overnight and requested a signature. The envelope was clearly marked. The carrier left the document in the mail box as no one was home. This was a waste of $25.50 and involved income tax filling information.

  38. I am unable to take your survey you program will not allow me to go next after english is select. Unfortunately, this is the second item I have spent extra monies to mail priority and the mail is not delivered when is is supposed too. Now this one will be late getting there.
    I need to track it so I know when the government receives it. So I have spent eighteen dollars total and none of them have been delivered on time.

    The postal service wonders why they are losing money.

    Barbara Fortner

  39. Very pleasant and helpful young girl at Riegelsville, PA postoffice today (4-11-19) Not that anyone there has ever been unpleasant but she really stood out. Sorry, don’t know her name.

    Excellent Experience @ 🥰
    Feel Cheated @

    I feel we are “cornered”
    by the “New Construction”
    Because they 0NLY BUILD/0FFER
    PRIVATE P0ST 0FFICE’s with
    N0 CH0ICE for the PUBLIC,
    at all 😢

  41. I went to the post office this morning to mail my tax returns. My favorite clerk was at the counter – I like him because he is friendly and has an easy efficiency about him. He was the only employee there, and eventually there were about eight customers in line. I waited approximately 20 minutes. He did ring some sort of bell twice – I assume to ask other staff for assistance.
    I could tell he was getting frustrated by the lack of help and the long line. When he gave me the receipt, rather than show me the tracking number as usual, he circled this feedback site and said “tell them how long you waited.”
    It was not an unpleasant experience, just not as friendly as I’ve come to expect there.
    The reference number is 840-5530-0324-004-00030-0413-02. The zip code is 53715-9998.

  42. The Springfield,OR office had a Self Service station until it was removed shortly before Christmas last year. What a horrible idea! I used that service at least semi-weekly to send priority mail to my family members throughout the states. My daughter lives in HI and that’s the only way to send packages to her timely.
    Please, please, please put the Self Service station back so we can mail our packages without waiting in line!

  43. Estoy muy satisfecha por el trato recibido en el correo y el servicio fue de excelente calidad humana y muy profesional Lo seguire visitando para mis diligencias cuando lo necesite.Bendiciones para todos y cada uno de sus empleados. Gracias mil.

  44. Yesterday I went to my local post office to mail my taxes. The post office I used was in Wayzata, MN zip code 55391-9933 . The employee who helped me was wonderful. He took the time to answer all of my question with a smile and wished me well as I finished my transaction. Great customer service!

    My receipt indicates #840-5553-0358-003-00023-06623-02

    Clerk: 16

  45. For a change, there is a delightful new agent at the window at the Hillsboro Post Office. His name is Steve. He is personable and friendly! There have been a number of very unkind rude agents at this site and I am glad to see that someone with customer service skills is now there.

    I have called in the past to report this to no avail. Also, you really need Spanish speaking agents at this site. Everyone needs to be treated with respect.

  46. I am very disappointed that my Certified mail has not been delivered as of yet. I have sent a letter on Friday April 5, 2019. The postal clerk at the time, told me it will be delivered on next Monday, the April 8. The USPS tracking site still displays that it will be arriving late on April 10 when I just checked again today, Sunday April 14 – there’s any more updates on my certified mail. WHY DOES IT TAKE SO LONG??

  47. This post office always gives super friendly service. On this day, Harold was trying very hard to serve many customers who were waiting in line, unfortunately for him, many of his fellow workers were out for various reasons. He did his utmost to serve everyone with kindness and wisdom

  48. I was pleasantly surprised. The service was from caring, helpful and happy postal workers. I felt confident and happy too. I traveled in my business and had once believed that working directly with the post office was the only way to get our registered, certified or regular mail out. Overnight, Priority mail or large packages. After several bad experiences, I refused to enter any post office in the US. Those were the days when the postal workers were rude and angry. Sometimes hateful and insulting. It is true that prayers get answered. It is, again, the only way to get our letters and packages delivered. Hallelujah!

  49. I had a very good experience at the Colesville New Hampshire SilverSpring MD. PO. on tax day April 15 .Very fast and courteous on, one of the busiest days of the year.

  50. Great service from Gregory at the Anderson, SC main post office today. My package kept showing freight in the $60 – $70 range. Gregory kept working until it came back at a correct $29.11.

    Thank you Gregory.

  51. I went to Olympic post office, Athens, GA at 11:15 a.m. this morning with quite a line. Tax Day? Three desks open — one doing passports, two taking care of customers. At 11:25 a.m. one desk closed, no one came to replace that person so there was one desk available. There were people mailing tax forms because it was 15 Apr, some people were buying postage, several were mailing boxes (as I was), mailing envelopes, etc. One woman was left to help all. I left at 11:50 a.m. At that time, no one came to help the one representative and consequently try to get customers through the line. Needless to say, the line continued to grow. There was a supervisor walking around, showing her face but she did nothing to assist customers. It seems to me that in times like these, she should have been able to open up a desk and help to get customers through the line. She could have taken the passport work. There was only one passport person needing service. The representative took the entire time I was there, plus, to help that one person. The supervisor could have sold stamps or something less complicated; however, a supervisor should be capable of doing what a representative needs to do. I was very disappointed. I must say, the one representative still treated the customers with a pleasant smile and service.

    1. supervisors do not and can not work the window. That is crossing crafts. The post office has a union and they are strict on who can do clerk work. To do passport work, you have to take a class and a test and again supervisor cannot do clerk work. You should bring a book and read it while you wait patiently in line Kathy.

  52. Every time I go to our post office in Dalton MA zip 01226 it is always a positive experience. I think our postmasters name is Bill-he is the nicest, most helpful postmaster we have ever had. He is a breath of fresh air in our community.

    1. In an effort to provide evidence /proof that usps delivered item to wrong address I had to obtain from usps the tracking and reporting document to submit claim of loss for insured item. Postal employee at Katy, TX 77493 instructed I needed to obtain documentation from destination post office in FL; that she could not help. Yet postal employee at Baker TX 77413 provided the necessary printed documentation in less than 5 min.
      The disparity of competency in service amongst postal employees is so huge that customers have to seek and visit various offices to find a knowledgeable and willing individual to assist and help patrons.

  53. I have to frequent our small town post office frequently in Paris, KY. I am always greeted pleasantly and when things needed troubleshooting, everyone is extremely helpful.

  54. I mailed a tube with set of plans on Thursday 04/11/19 at 11:56 a.m.
    The parcel was going from South End, Roxbury , MA to Cambridge,MA.
    Apparently was delivered today, Tuesday 04/16/19 at 11:05 at the front door.
    On the receipt for the priority service it can be read : Expected Delivery Date Friday 04/12/2019.
    That delivery time is not good for any kind of business, much less when time is of the essence,
    as your saying here.
    That’s all for the moment.

  55. We always get super terrific service from Fred at the Lake Street PO, 110 E 31st St, Minneapolis MN 55408-3103! I also have observed that he is very patient with other customers who may not be aware of how to best get their postal needs met.

  56. I just walked in to my local post office in prospect height, IL and was unpleasantly served by Likesha. Inset card. not now. take it out, take it out! Now. My name is Likesha take an online survey to let my boss konw how I’m doing. Sure I will! Terrible!! I mean we all can have a bad day but come on let’s just try to be a little nicer Likesha.

  57. I was asked before I shipped my package was it anything in there firgile I said yes an press the green button for yes but my sister received her items two of them was broken so why ask the question if the postal person don’t do his job an did not place a sticker on there saying things inside this box is fragile

  58. St James Post Office on Lake Avenue, New York have the nicest workers and everyone is ALWAYS helpful & Pleasent

  59. I can’t believe that the Saturday before the income tax is due, the Lake Bluff, IL. post office had only one person on duty. I took me 30 minutes to get waited on. The line was out the door. And it was 11:00.

  60. I mailed a package on Friday 4/12 from Raleigh. It was scheduled to arrive in Florida on Friday 4/15. I checked the tracking and package was still sitting in Raleigh 4/16. I check the tracking last night and now the package is in Elkin, ill. They charge so much money to send a package and it takes so long for it to arrive. Why did it sit in Raleigh for 3 days? Did no one see the package sitting there for three day. I am not on hold trying to find out what is going on. It should not take longer than a week to send a package to Florida from Raleigh. I could have walk there in this amount of time. I realize this is difficult job but when we now can see tracking, it brings to light problems in our postal service.

  61. Renewed our Post Office Box this morning at the South Boston, Ma. Post Office ~ friendly staff, great customer service!

  62. Amazing service from both Postal workers at US post office – 545 Western Highway, Blauvelt NY 10913!! Went in to get passports for family and they were so HELPFUL, EFFICIENT and PLEASANT. A welcome change from most places were staff seems annoyed by customers.

  63. Friday 19 April, 2019, I went to the Hereford, AZ., location to mail gifts to military members. I have avoided this location due to MANY experiences with a female clerk that is as rude, unprofessional and snarky as one can get. Low and behold, there she was to my dismay. So I sucked it up, put on my best fake happy face and made the attempt to make it pleasant. That was a complete waste of time, I took my box off the scale and drove 15 miles to the Sierra Vista location where I am always treated very well.
    I went on Sierra Rants and Raves to see if it was me or her. WELL, over 80% of those responding have experienced the same poor behavior. I have complained before and nothing was done, so I know this will be pushed off to file 13. Thought I would give it one last shot. I will never set foot in that location until she is GONE.

    Have a nice day.

  64. You really need to step up your game! While the employees are ‘somewhat’ friendly at the counter, that is where customer service ends. Why in the world do you offer PRIORITY MAIL when it is not priority? Tracking is not updated in a timely fashion and if you call customer service to talk to someone, there is a wait time up to 45 minutes! Ridiculous. You are charging me for 2-3 day delivery that ends up being 4 days and in most cases more. And, when a new stamp comes out why is the stock so very limited at the post offices? If they are FOREVER stamps they are not going to go bad. I think it is awful that I have to order new edition stamps on line because NONE of the post offices in my area have them and then I have to pay to have them sent to me. While going to UPS or FedEx is not as convenient I feel like I can trust them to get my package delivered on time.

  65. Applied for a passport at the West Hempstead PO today. The clerk was extremely helpful and patient. At the bottom of our bill it said clerk 03. She helped us on 04 22 18 at around 2 PM. Definitely an excellent employee!

  66. I have a Post Office Box and my mail was withheld from my box. One of the items was too large for the box, so all of my mail was held from 2/26 to 3/20. I had a credit card bill and electricity bill in the bundle, which had due dates of 3/15. Fortunately I realized that these bills were coming due and paid them on time. The package that was too big was checks; I was ready to inquire as to where the checks were. One of the bills had the date 2/27 and my box number on it. It is normal for a yellow card to be placed in the box when there is too much mail or too large a package, asking the patron to go the front desk for assistance. A notice was not put in my box and for the week proceeding 3/20/19 my mailbox was empty. I attempted to report this to customer service at the local post office. The response was “We don’t hold any mail.” It was received by me as “Go away, we (the post office) does not make mistakes.” I have a piece of mail indicating it was received on 2/27/19 and my post office box in large black letters. The post office will go belly up if it does not accept responsibility for mistakes and attempt to have stronger QA.

  67. I visited the post office at Coral Ridge Mall in Fort Lauderdale Fl. on March 22, 2019 to mail a package to Seattle Wa. The employee I spoke to was very helpful.
    I told her I wanted the package to arrive by April 1, 2019, and she said the estimated arrival date was March 29, 2019 (which allowed 1 week for delivery). This date was fine as my friend’s birthday is on April 3. I tracked the package and she did not receive it until April 8, 2019. Tracking #9549 0145 0618 9081 2579 78
    That means it took 16 days by mail.
    I could have delivered it faster by pony express!
    I am very disappointed as this isn’t the first time I have had problems with extremely late deliveries by mail.
    Perhaps it would be better if I used Fedex from now on.
    Thank you for listening.
    Patricia Jensen

  68. Visited post office at 11909 NE 65th St., Vancouver Washington 98682 to mail package. The staff there are always friendly, knowledgeable and eager to help. Haven’t always had such a pleasant experience at other locations, but at this one the staff actually seems happy to help in any way. Thank you! I will be using this location from now on. Everything is neat and organized. Good location.

  69. This comes from Spirit Lake, Iowa. It’s just fun to tell someone what a great Post Office we have here. The clerks are always friendly
    and a pleasure to deal with. It is always a good experience. JB

  70. Post Office 92070 Sant Ysabel, CA – Staff (Lisa and Sherry) is wonderful. Always friendly and efficient. Best Post Office in the country!

  71. I use the Kings Park postal office and I wish to comment that it is excellent. All the staff are so knowledgeable and always help me to mail the packages the best way. Joseph and Richard are always friendly and polite to everyone. It is always pleasant for any postal needs that I have. The deliveries by USPS are speedy and convenient – right into my mailbox or by our friendly postman.

    I love the website to track all my packages. It is easy to use and sends an email when the package was delivered, including my own. Great Job! Thank you.

  72. All employees are great at this location. I just wish when a line forms that someone is called to help cover the third desk. Sure would move things along.

  73. The postal employee who sold me stamps was very polite and helpful, giving me many choices of different stamps.

  74. stephanie at the north collins n.y. 14111 office has to be commended for her honesty and public service. i had dropped a $20 dollar bill on the floor which she found. she went out of her way to find out where i lived and brought the 20 to me at my house. you don’t find honest people like that to often. she is one of a kind! david s. ickowski.

  75. The Post Office at Schertz, Tx 78154 is the most pleasant and accommodating staff! Especially the man. Always pleasant and helpful.

  76. Gentleman at PO for19035 is always helpful, efficient & if waiting is necessary (seldom happens) makes that part pleasant.

  77. The staff at the East Ventura (Wake Forest Ave) Post Office is great – always helpful, attentive and patient! They make using USPS easy and affordable. Thank you!

  78. its seems that asking for shipping prices is to much for the employees at this main mail location. I needed prices on shipping its seemed to be very funny to just laugh in my face. very rude employees here more than one.

  79. Clerk 04. Renata was extremely helpful with my packages. He knew the best way to send my gifts. He was extremely kind and very knowledgeable . I am very grateful for his help.

  80. Leeandra at the Hastings post office is the best. She is super friendly but not overbearing. Heard her voice from the doorway and it put a huge smile on my face. Keep up the good work Leeandra, you’re the best.

  81. I went to the Mukwonago, WI post office to get stamps and mail a gift. The clerk was very helpful and kind.
    I always have a good experience when I stop at the post office.

  82. Clerk #16 at the New Haven, Indiana post office was very helpful answering my questions regarding fragile cards I was sending, the postage required, and made sure the envelopes were marked so they would not be damaged in the processing machines. She was great!

  83. On April 23 I went to the Escondido Post Office on Escondido Blvd. and was amazed at the atmosphere there.
    Cathy, Clerk #26, the clerk was not only aware of each and everyone of us waiting in line she greeted you with a huge smile, apologized for the wait and asked what she could help you with. Not once was there a feeling of “waiting” or being ignored, which is often the case, you almost felt ready for your turn.
    By far the most upbeat, friendly, considerate Post Office Employee I have ever had the pleasure to deal with.
    Might consider her for training others to be even somewhat like she is. Best experience ever she lit up the building.

  84. I use West Knoxville Post Office at 4434 Sutherland, Ave., 37919 regularly and always experience pleasant and efficient clerks who give personal attention. We are fortunate to have these postal workers with such positive attitudes and competency!

    Thank you!!

  85. My overall experience in the past at the Hartsdale, NY post office at 441 Central Park Avenue has been excellent.
    Today’s encounter with the person helping me was far from previous experience. She was rude, annoyed when asked a question and curt in her responses. Not only to me but the customers ahead of me. When listening to the other employees those customers were having an completely opposite experience — they were friendly, very helpful, putting customer service as their priority. Unfortunately the person assisting me did not have a name tag so unable to provide you her name.

    I’ve worked in a customer service industry for many years. This employee would be getting significant feedback and training to adjust their attitude.

  86. I’m an online seller and I went to ship some packages at the Woodbridge location.I like to do the self service to print my own labels and I went to use it but it didn’t work for some reason. The worker that was on duty just took my packages and put me in line when I could’ve just used the other machine. I waited in line then had to step out of line to manually write my labels. I went to go pay and the cashier informed me that the shipping labels were priority mail; I just wanted regular mail labels. She gave me priority mail labels and failed to inform me until I paid so I got ripped off of my money. Worst experience I ever had at the post office.

  87. We applied for passports at the Gloucester Virginia Post Office. The clerk’s name was Julie. She was very professional, answered all of our questions in detail and helpful throughout the process. She did a great job for us. Thanks.

  88. Each and every time I go into the Bessemer,MI post office the clerk is friendly, upbeat, and extremely helpful. I hope to see her ther for a long time!!

  89. Clerk #9 at Des Plaines, IL post office was very helpful and kind to me. Helped me to make the right decision about my letter I need it to sent. Great manners as well every time.

  90. I am not at all happy with my service at the wakefield ri 02879 post office. I have been sick for 3 weeks with the flu I went to the post office a couple of times to check the mail when I looked in there was nothing their. The line was lomg like it always is so I didn’t want to expose to the flu so I left. At 5/1 2019 I was their before it opened and was told that they closed my boxed and had left a notice in it now they sent it back to where ever it came from and I had to pay an extra $22.00 to reopen it. I don’t feel that’s fair for a senior citizen to have to pay extra money. I’ve had trouble before at the post office here. thank you for listening. nancy vars 2015 kingston rd apt 2 or box 35 wakefield ri 02879

  91. I am here at the Postal branch on Blanding Blvd Jacksonville Fl at 3:10 PM and am 13th in line with more behind me. There’s only ONE person to serve customers. There’s one person sitting behind them that can’t do anything, apparently, except for someone picking up a package etc. Why is there not appropriate staffing to serve your customers? I , and the rest of the people standing in this long line , want to know! By the way, in the time used for composing this, I am now 9th in line!

  92. I just want to say how nice and friendly my mail carrier is. He is very helpful when he delivers packages and he is always happy and in a very good mood. He has never been rude. He is the first one I felt I needed to say something about, and I am 75 years old. He works out of the Spring Hill, Fl. office . His first name is Andy. I can’t pronounce his last name, but it starts with Vento I believe.

  93. My clerk was amazing at processing my postal needs. She was efficient and very knowledgeable. Please give her a raise. She was clerk 02.

  94. Jeff at Eagleville, Norristown 19403 post office was super helpful. He went above and beyond to get a super rush order for mailbox lock changed and new keys made so I could have them for settlement the next day. So nice that he really cares about helping customers!

  95. I have been putting packages in my mailbox for PICKUP for the past 5 years in Butler Pa. Never had any problems. My mail lady retired and now we have a mailman. Recently he picked up some packages from the mailbox and when I went to get the mail one of them was laying on the ground. Then today I had four packages in the mailbox for PICKUP and he put todays mail in the mailbox but never took the packages. So I had to take them to the post office 5 miles away and I complained to the clerk about it. He could have cared less. He said he probably didn’t take them because I didn’t call in for a pickup. What is the difference if it is a letter in the box or a package?? I don’t have to call for them to pick up a letter. I always did that so the mail person wouldn’t have to drive up to my house to get the mail. I tried to save him some time but I guess from now on he will be coming up to the house because I ship packages 3-4 times a week so he’ll be taking some extra time to pick them up. To top it off he has been picking packages up from my mailbox for the last couple of months so why was today different?? My husband worked for the post office for 30 years and he says he knows there is no organization within the post office anymore. I guess if you don’t feel like doing something you don’t do it! THANKS!

  96. I had a package to be delivered to 301 E Rochester Ave in Wildwood Crest, NJ 08260 on 04/03/19. It could not be delivered to my postal box at a condominium due to its size. A tan USPS card was left indicating it could be picked up at the Wildwood Post Office.

    I went to that Post Office on 04/12, as it was only to held there until 04/15. The USPS personnel could not locate the package, but they indicated I should leave my ph# and they would call and let me know the status. I never got a call nor text message. They suggested it could be at the Rio Grande Post Office, as Wildwood was now only serving as an ‘annex’.

    On 04/15, I called the Rio Grande Post Office and spoke to Bill. He said the package was not there either and he would call to let me know the status of my package, once he looked at Rio Grande more thoroughly and called the Wildwood Post Office to trace the package. He never called back. I called Rio Grande again on 04/24 and spoke again to Bill. He indicated the package was not at the Rio Grande Post Office and should have been at the Wildwood Post Office.

    On 04/25, I went again to the Wildwood Post Office. The package was not there and there was no indication it had bee returned to the sender.

    This package was originally shipped from Woolrich, PA via UPS – Tracking No. – 1Z74X733YW00074167
    The USPS had the package next – Tracer No. – 92612904851728581010019911

    Can anyone at the USPS find this package?

  97. Clerk 06 at the Oceanside, CA Brooks street post office went above and beyond and talked to me about mailing passport to make sure everything was done correctly. I was VERY impressed with this clerk. My father was the Postmaster in El Cajon, CA for 25 years and a postal family of letter carriers. They all would have been very proud! Definitely a good representation of the USPS!

  98. Great service at the North Clarendon Vt. 05759 post office, as a retired letter carrier of 35 years in Essex Junction the folks at North Clarendon Vt. are the best!!

  99. Sasha at the Strongsville, OH PO is always pleasant and helpful. I don’t know how she can be, as the PO usually has long lines of waiting customers and only 1-2 clerks at anyone time. That branch needs more front counter help.

  100. The Post Office in Aspen, CO is a disgrace. I was in there today and the trash cans were overflowing, trash piled on the countertops. This was so bad I took photos and can send those if anyone would care to look. Last year I mailed my property tax check in the local mail slot inside the post office. Pitching County Tax office is across the street from the post office and it was never delivered. When I went to pay this year tax there was a $500.00 penalty which I had to pay and a tax lien against my property. I then went to my bank with a copy of my check as it had never reached the tax office and therefore was never processed. The bank personnel expressed my same sentiments about our postal service (as did the tax office employees) and and a bank employee (VP) said THE BANK never received mail the past Friday and people were calling about checks not reaching their accounts on time. It is a ridiculous situation in Aspen. People have to stand in line while there is one employee at the counter taking forever to handle a simple transaction. Residents complain all of the time and hate to go to this post office and prefer to drive 9 miles to the nearest post office in Basalt. The staff in Aspen is extremely unfriendly and seems to take pleasure in making people stand in line. It is unbelievable unless you see this disaster for yourself.

  101. I work at one of the businesses in the City Center of Duquesne Business Park in Duquesne, PA.
    Whitney at the Duquesne P.O. (S. 1st Street) is always so cheerful & helpful whenever I go to get stamps or mail certified letters, etc. And, D.J. – one of the mail carriers – is just the nicest guy, very polite and friendly. They both are very positive & helpful people. The USPS needs more like them! Give them both a gold star!

  102. On Thursday, April 25, 2019, I had to go to the Peoria Post Office to get our mail and find out about getting a key to our mailbox — we bought our new house a month earlier.

    I was told to come back two days later, on Saturday before noon — which I did.

    When I returned, there was no mail or key to pick up. I was told to return the following Thursday for the mail and key — which I have not done not knowing if it would be another waste of time.

    Bottom line — I have been to our new post office and stood in line, twice, for no mail and no key. Our first mortgage payment was due in the meantime and will now be mailed during the grace period.

    I think the process could be more convenient and less time consuming.


    Cindy Browning

    Thank you

  103. Great service at Bethany Oklahoma post office! Still friendly, knowledgeable and best service in this area!!!

  104. I mailed Easter gifts to my cousins in Churchville Va.from Brooklyn, NY.
    My cousin received a partial ripped shipping label with an apology in a plastic USPS bag!!!!
    I called several USPS numbers to no avail, one was disconnected.
    My gifts are lost andI need to be compsensated for their loss.
    Definately NOT happy with lack of response.and the USPS as a whole not on,y in this case.

  105. Clerk 17 provided the usual excellent customer service at the Ocean Beach, California post office. Kind, knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. I appreciate this and it is always a pleasant experience.

  106. 10:05 am this morning the gates were still down at the post office at 2000 Diamond Hill RD Woonsocket RI 02895. I left went to the Social Street Branch that opens on time. I miss the African American clerk he was glad to do his job and enjoyed the customers. The clerk that is there now truly does not want to work.
    I personally miss the other clerk he has been there for a long time.

  107. I was very pleased with the service I received at Crossvilla usps TN. I wasn’t sure how to mail 2 b-day cards and get them there fast. The employee( female, can’t remember her name) was very helpful and didn’t RUSH me. I was in and out in no time. Great personalty!!

  108. I visited the Bothell Washington Post Office on 4/18/2019 wanting to use the automated system to mail a small package. I have never had any problems using it before until the so called “upgraded” automated system. It was HORRIBLE!! First, the buttons are over sensitive so you get two 2’s or two 8’s. When that happens it makes you go all the way back to the beginning and start over!

    I finally got past trying to measure my package (almost an effort in futility itself) and then it refused my card which was a perfectly good card which worked before and works now at other stores. The very patient woman standing behind me also tried to help and it wouldn’t work for her either. Luckily she was only buying stamps so had no problem, but she agreed it was awful.

    I finally ended up going to stand in line for “human service”. I told he clerk about my problem and he also agreed that it was not user friendly and had a lot of people complain. Unfortunately they had no one to come out to the lobby to help. He was very nice. As you might imagine I will not be using that system to mail packages any more, which makes more of us stand in line.

    Please fix this!!


    Karen Schickling

  109. I mailed a package to France from Pine bluff, AR April 12, 2019. It departed for Little Rock April 12. It departed for Memphis April 13.
    Ten days later, April 23, the package departed Memphis. It arrived in New Jersey April 25th. On April 27, the package returned to Memphis.
    Four days later( May 1) the package again left Memphis. The package again arrived in New Jersey (May 3). The package departed New Jersey
    May 3 and arrived in Jamcica, NY May 4. It departed NY May 4……..destination hopefully will be France.


  110. I frequent our local post office approximately 3-4 times a month for business and personal. Recently I purchased a book of stamps along with the processing of metered mail. I left without the stamps, which I didn’t detect until the following week. However, I thought that the clerk simply hadn’t included them in the transaction (I could not find the receipt either, which is not like me – I keep everything.) On my next trip, I asked the clerk for a book of stamps, stating that I forgot to purchase them last time. The clerk and I had a brief discussion about who I mail envelopes for (my clients) and who was the last client’s return address. I momentarily couldn’t figure out why he was asking these questions; then he retrieved an envelope from a shelf with my book of stamps.
    I was very impressed at his honesty and “detective” work. I would never have known where the stamps went.
    Thank you USPO employees; you rock!

  111. West Newton Indiana 46183-9998 is the best little Post Office I have ever found.
    They are on time, friendly, happy to serve you. Good work!!!
    Thank you.

  112. The machines that we put our credit/debit cards in to pay are on a high counter and laid flat. We short people cannot even see the screen to read it. I tried to raise it myself but could not. Even standing on my toes, I could not read that screen due to height and reflecting light. I complained to the postal clerk but she evidently did not think she should change the machine.

    Other than that, service is good here..

  113. I made a mistake in mailing a graduation gift; I had the correct address but left off the Apartment #. I knew I had put a return address on the envelope. I used my receipt with the tracking # to call to find out where the package was now. I was on hold for almost 1 hour, but that’s okay. I made a mistake and I was trying to fix it. The person that answered the phone (Bonita) was kind and seemed to know what she was doing. She said the package had been in Baton Rouge and was returned because it had no Apartment #. But then she said; wait NO it is still in BR and here is the confirmation #; which she gave to me and said the package was there and to have the recipient give them this # and they would give her the package (graduation present). Recipient went to the P.O. and they said the confirmation # was not enough that they needed the Tracking #. I gave them that #; but then they said the package had been returned to AR yesterday. The time span of me checking and person in BR going to get the gift was about 30 minutes. The right hand does not know what the left hand is doing. So frustrating to try to figure out where it was and then be given the wrong info to create further confusion. If my opinion counts, believe me HIRE SOME people that can read a computer screen and give the correct information. Or have software that has correct information. What a waste of my time and others. So much unnecessary frustration piled on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!q

  114. At the Saratoga California branch… Tony handled my service and he was superb. Professional, quick and engaging.

  115. location: USPS Capitol ave, cheyenne,wy
    USPS staff Amy was rude and impolite. I was in the building at 510 PM but waited in line because of 2 other customers ahead of me. The closing is 530 PM. I got to the counter about 5-10 minutes before 530pm. At first Amy was entertaining me, then when she was asking for IDs, she started to be short with me. Telling me that I should have come at 5Pm when opening PO boxes because it takes time (if this is what needs to happen, then USPS need to inform customers about it). I gave her my filled out papers and Amy almost threw it at me, saying it’s incomplete. She then proceeded to tell me that I should have read the requirements that she does not have time to read those documents for me. I was trying to tell her, that it is complete, that the form is simply stating what the format is of my new PO box address. Amy grabbed the instruction sheet and my papers and waved it at my face with a shooing motion and said “just take this and read it at home and complete it. I don’t have time, you are already 5 minutes past the closing time. The truck driver is here and I don’t have the stuff ready, etc”. I again told her the papers are complete and it’s already paid online too, she huffed took the papers from me and set it aside, and said ” that’s that then” and started punching in the computer. Grunted and said,”now I have made a mistake, you shouldn’t have come this late.” She finished eventually, I left with keys and a receipt but I do not know if she ever signed my application forms. This is the 3rd time I have encountered this lady and each time her demeanor and attitude are not customer friendly.

  116. Mail letter and package at Paris Texas post office 4868300460. Clerk 06 wait on me. As always she was professional and. And again knowning I gotten the best service possible.


  118. I was very pleased that I received such a great help by the Clerk #6 at Holyoke Post Office (Holyoke, Ma.) on May 2nd, 2019. I had a question regarding postage stamps because I had mail to be sent to Europe. The Clerk was so kind and she was very helpful.

  119. I paid $7.50 for priority mail (3 day) service on 5/6/19 and it is important…it was not delivered today to Beaver Dam, WI.
    I am not a satisfied customer and I paid $7.50????

  120. WATSEKA, IL 60970
    The employees are very accommodating , helpful and courteous. They are doing a great job, never any problem and answers any questions I may have.

  121. For the first time I tried buying some domestic Forever Stamps from a machine in the lobby of my postoffice. They seemed decent enough with a picture of the American flag.
    So then I wanted to buy Global Forever stamps for my wife to send letters to her mother. But what the machine gave me were very ugly fixed value stamps.
    I came back to the my post office with the stamps and my receipt, in hopes of exchanging those stamps for the Forever stamps my wife wanted.
    I was politely but firmly told that I could not exchange the stamps.
    Retailers learned decades ago that business is improved by a generous return policy.
    When will the Postal Service learn this lesson?
    Your policy creates alienation, driving your customers away from your service and into the arms of your private competition.
    If that is your goal, you are succeeding.

  122. Great experience with T Brown at the main Post Office in Richmond VA shipping an international package. Really appreciate it. Professional, efficient, and competent!

  123. Mailed a package from the Lexington South Carolina post office on May 13th a little bit after 10 two of the three individuals behind the counter were extremely rude I’ve encountered this several times you definitely have an issue at the Lexington South Carolina post office

  124. I had to send important material across the country and if it did not arrive by end of day Monday, I might have lost the contract for employment. The staff were very courteous, helpful and patient. I sent it by Priority Mail Express with guaranteed delivery by 3 pm on Monday. It cost $25.50 with signature required. My package was delivered at 0739 am on Monday morning. I am extremely pleased and relieved. If I ever need documents delivered quickly and efficiently; I will definitely send them by Priority Express through the USPS. The staff at the Benson office in Omaha, NE are always courteous and helpful. Thank you.

  125. Great job by clerk #14 at Santa Fe Springs post office getting my numerous certified mail letters processed yesterday afternoon. She was pleasant, helpful and efficient .

  126. My experience with the Postal Office on Mathistown Rd. in Little Egg Harbor Twp, NJ was very satisfactory. The Postal Worker (Erin) was very efficient, helpful and pleasant.

  127. I mailed a bday pkg. to our granddaughter on 5/4/2019. It was mailed at theSonora, Ca. USPO and was going to Campbell,Ca.95008. Expected delivery date was 05/06/2019. Have been to Sonora USPO three times and all they tell me is that it left Sonora and went to Sacramento and has been in transit ever since. Delivery has been delayed. No one seems to know where the pkg. Is. Sonora just says “file a claim”..The pkg contained a Precious Moments Figuerine , and a pair of my heirloom earrings that I wanted my granddaughter to have for her 15 th birthday. Needless to say I am very distressed and just want my gift delivered to my granddaughter ASAP..

  128. post office does not allow to take picture after paid, such as a price stick on the envelope, Why? after post stamp is made no picture can taken, why? Appearently, post office does not take responsibility for service to prove, post office received payment, responsibility to ship? We customer need proving
    that out letter, or package has paid, in post office , to deliver? Please provide service means take responsible for recieved and in charge for deliver.
    And post offer employee, make smile, wants to get good survey, red pen marked the Survey link, customers asked tracking number, but miss leading to
    follow the red circur made and with a kind number under neath the URL…. never get correct change to get tracking, wait for 50 minutes
    do not get response…. and online link does not accept incorrect number, because we, customer follow the red pen, make marked number… please, prove
    reasonnable service, red line mark the Tracking number which is customer needs, not to be tray get around, around, waiting on line, results is not able tracking due to incorrect number.

  129. I want to give credit where its due. I want to give a positive experience. Most of the time people only give complaints. I had a great experience today at the Post Office. Ms. Cheryl at the Camden Post Office was such a delight. She offered to help me find what I was looking for as far as a package to send a return. She was very polite, friendly, sincere, and helpful. My receipt says clerk : 14. She deserves praise for a job well done.

  130. Earlier this week, STANLEY at the MILLS AVE POST OFFICE in ORLANDO FL provided exemplary service. I had an insurance document that had to get to a PO Box in San Diego CA. He suggested first class which would provide quick delivery and it would be tracked and delivery would be confirmed. Also it is cost efficient.

    Stanley is knowledgeable, helpful, patient and concerned. He has a good sense of humor and it is a pleasure to speak with him.

    This post office is always a great place to visit and Stanley is one reason! Thank you Stanley and thank you USPS!

  131. My recent experience at Chambersburg Post office was totally worst. I went there to drop my mail. Clerk #16 waiting on me, didn’t not under my request upon saying to her 3 times. She was only concerned about completing her transaction and fast forwarding a line. She was totally rude and indecent person. Not only that a customer/me request to drop a mail, she didn’t show concern to that. She didn’t even bother to ask a if a customer needed anything more done. Moreso, she didn’t offer to show where to drop the mail nor she offered a customer to accept the envelop after selling stamps. On top of that she called awaited customer in queue to step forward and wanted to wait on next customer. totally rude and ill sympathetic personality I have experience from clerk #16.

  132. Want too mention an outstanding person and employee, Nancy. Nancy has worked at the Bethel post office as long as I been going there. An incredible lady who always goes the extra mile to make sure the transaction goes well. She’s helped me MANY times, all with a successful ending. Nancy is a hard working courteous, extremely knowledgeable, professional individual. She’s close to her retirement and WILL BE MISSED! Thank you, Nancy, Mikki Klug

  133. I just had an great experience at the BMEU, Deptford USPS. Mike is so nice he always takes the time to help with questions that I may have regarding bulk
    mailing and the mailer cards. He is always pleasant.

  134. I was very pleased with the service of clerk 65 at the Tower 824 E. Fern Ave. postal station. I asked the clerk if I could buy some quarters from him and he said, “not really, I go thru a lot of them” . He was very pleasant about it and I accepted his answer, because of his attitude. That may not sound important, but it was to me.

  135. At the Linden Michigan post office Lori was expedient on receiving my package the desk very polite cheerful and a joy to be around thank you for hiring her and having her part of the Postal Service

  136. We really appreciate the staff at Englewood Post Office, Florida. All exceed expectations on a regular basis.
    Rita has helped us for several years in setting up a PO Box while we vacation. I can’t say enough positive things about her spirit and willingness to help.
    Suzie is always pleasant and helpful. The entire team exceeds expectations, if there is a line, the apologize and call more people to help.
    This is the BEST post office we have ever used.

  137. I was short a small amount for
    an additional stamp and Clerk 10
    made up the difference from the
    penny jar. Very thoughtful and
    extremely gracious. I will add that
    this particular South Salem Station
    has the best staff of any USPS I have
    been to.

  138. I went into the Brookings South Dakota Main Avenue Post Office today just before 2pm. The postal clerk said “may I help you?” I replied that “I want to buy a book of stamps with the flags on them.” she set them on the counter and began clicking on her keyboard, and in a few seconds I attempted to insert my debit card with a chip in it. She HOLLARED “WHOA WHOA WHOA! So I pulled my card away from the machine. Then she said “does that card have a chip in it?” I said “Yes, it does.” She then said “You may insert the card now.” And also she said, “I am having dental work on my teeth.” I asked her “Is that why you were hollaring?” She said “Yes.” I began to walk away and then she asked “Would you like your receipt?” I turned back and said “Yes, thank you.” I then went out the door, reached for my car door to open it, and she hollared again “I also have a dog with diabetes.”

    This is nearly 100% of the exact words exchanged during and after my purchase. Her name was something like Rochelle. My receipt is timed at 1:54PM today, 5/22/19. If you want to call me, my number is 605-690-5400.Thank you for this opportunity.

  139. The Post Office in Rio Linda California has the best customer service. We ship 15-20 packages a week and I will go out of my way to drop them off in Rio Linda.
    Everyone working at this Post Office is helpful, considerate, polite…
    every good thing that you could possibly imagine.
    This is why I find it very important to spread the word :
    If you want first class service this is the place to go.

  140. I just wanted to put in a good word for my local post office. The Newberg Post Office is one of the best things about living in a small town! There is rarely a wait in the hours when I visit, and if there is a line, the helpers stay cheerful and positive. Great people, great service.

  141. I visit the post office about once a month and twice number 20 has waited on me. She is always pleasant and upbeat even when the person before me was not being nice to her. I’d like to nominate this exceptional clerk for her excellent service.

  142. i often use the corydon post office and every counter person working there is always friendly, professsional and helpful even when there is a long line or it is close to closing.

  143. I went to the Pennsylvania Avenue Post Office on Saturday. They are only open for 2 hours but they were so helpful. I was able to complete everything I needed to apply for a new passport. The clerk was patient and helpful even though the post office was fairly busy. I just wanted to put in a good word for the post office in the heart of the inner city

  144. The clerk, Angel, at the post office at 5900 N. Figueroa in Los Angeles was enormously helpful in helping me prepare an awkward-sized package to mail. I am so grateful for her help.

  145. I needed to return a DVD and had the appropriate mailing label attached for the package and when I stepped up to the counter, the representative didn’t even ask if I wanted anything other than 1st class service and didn’t tell me the cost. I was shocked at the amount for something that I had previously been told would be much cheaper if I had sent it parcel post. She was very rude and didn’t want to hear my concerns with the cost, giving me no other opportunity than to send it the way she had designated.

  146. Did some mailing at the Alief Location at 11936 Bellaire blvd. Great courteous Clerk, gave information to what I wanted to mail and instruction on various things. I really enjoyed talking to her. Keep the station open. i also have my ministry mail box there.

  147. The customer service provided at the Earlysville, VA post office is superior. Polite, helpful, patient and friendly are just a few ways to describe the people who work there.

  148. To whom it may concern: My PO Box was tagged as closed and my mail returned to sender, stating that my box was closed. When my insurance company contacted me concerning my mail being returned I went to the Post Office to find out why. Prior to receiving that call, the last mail I received was the latter of April. My box payment was due March 31, 2019 and was paid March 21, 2019. I was a little concerned that when I would check my box it was empty. Since I was able to open my box, I never suspected there was any issues. However, I was concerned when certain bills were not arriving.

    The postal person made light of the issue, by stating I could track my mail. I asked how can I track mail, if I do not know what I am due to receive? I was due to receive some coupons, which is now unable to track, since it was just that one time.

  149. Excellent service. Clerk was patient and helped me with my problem. 22nd Street station in DC. Clerk #13

  150. My visit at Lakewood Post office near Carson and Bellflower streets was again a very good experience of service, professionalism and pleasant time of being served, informed and attended to. Ms. Kathy and Ms. Judy are always so good and I enjoy my visits there and can count on good service.

  151. Clerk (18) was very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. This was at the Socastee Office in Myrtle Beach, SC. on 6/3/1019

  152. Even though the passport office was closed, they were nice enough to help me. I was very impressed with their level of service and the promptness with which we completed my passport application

  153. On June 1, 2019 I went to the City Gate Retail post office at 2323 Citygate Drive, 43218-998 to mail three books to separate addresses. I arrived at the post a little after five on Saturday evening. I was advised on the best shipping envelope to use and the various ways of shipping my pckages. Each postal employee went above and beyond in helping me get my packages shipped efficiently. They were friendly, courteous and very accommodating to work with. The clerk was number 12. His co-worker also helped. The code on my receipt is 840-5430-0136-003-00027-86417-01. Also, this is not the only time I have received this exceptional service. It is the trademark of this USPS retail post office.

    I have heard commercials on purchasing everything I need online and not going to the post office. For some it would work okay. But for me the help and advice and personal interaction that I was given is invaluable. I do not want the post office to become automated to the point that I do not get this type of help and service ever! This is the first time I have made the effort to say thanks officially. The USPS has a gem in this facility and in the personnel at this retail outlet.

  154. just applied for my passport and was very happy with the service I recieieved postal clerk 06 in milford de was very helpful and explained every detail . would like to say THANKS .

  155. Don’t want to be directed to another site and have to load software on my computer to track my package. Over paying for the package to be sent and then directed to an advertiser website–Not Happy!

  156. The Post office on Ponce de Leon ave in decatur ga 30030 has had its outside big mail drop box “out of order” for ten days. The side panel is standing wide open. Patrons and businesses wanting to mail stamped letters have to park and go inside. Parking is tight here especially toward the end of the business day. No effort has been made to fix or replace this large drop box. How can something with NO moving parts stay broken for so long? This is just another example of the inefficiency/bad attitude of this Decatur Ga post office! Fix it!

  157. My treatment by Gayl at Atlantic Beach, Jacksonville P.O. on June 10 was first rate. She was polite and efficient in the face of a long line of customers on a Monday morning.

  158. My experience with the Post Office in Bartonsville 3400 Route 611 PA 18321 was exceptional. Everyone there are very helpful, friendly and respectful and this is every time I am there,

  159. I am a customer of the Post Office located in Afton, MN 55001
    I’ve used this post office for bulk mail, regular mail pick-up and delivery and have ALWAYS received responsive, friendly and personal service. Once when a prom dress that my daughter ordered was misdirected, before arriving in Afton, to Rochester MN 55901. the Afton postmaster figured out what happened and drove to Rochester to personally pick up her dress and hand deliver it to us so she would have it on time. Incredible.


  161. I receive consistently excellent service at the post office in Ukiah Calif. All 3 regular staff and helpful, friendly, well informed and professional. We are lucky in Ukiah to have such great staff.

  162. The postal rep at the Miller Place NY post office was extremely helpful. He offered advice and recommendations regarding the mailing of my daughter’s wedding invitations. Many thanks, much appreciated!!

  163. I walked into an oven of a post office. It is so hot in there my asthma kicked in. I asked why they didn’t have the AC on and was told it was broke. My visits to our post office are always great. Friendly people and fast service depending on what the person in front of you needs. Its too hot inside for the workers if its too hot for the customers.

  164. I went to the downtown Omaha, NE post office today between 4 and 4:30 p.m. Not the best time to hit a P. O., but hey, it was that kind of day!
    The lobby was full of people, lined up, patiently and not-so-patiently waiting their turn. One lady at the counter was apparently handling visas/passports; the other lady was handling everyone in line. Despite the long line, Lita was cordial and helpful to each of the customers. She went out of her way to accommodate us, even though she was swamped. During my time at the counter, she was texting her boss for “back-up!”
    Just wanted to applaud one of your stellar employees, who was handling an overwhelming situation with grace and aplomb. I am always greeted with a smile, and receive efficient, knowledgeable service at this post office. Kudos to the USPS in Omaha!!

  165. RE: Northside Station, 725 Hertel Ave, Bflo, NY 14207
    Clerk #35
    Date of experience: 6/19/19
    This clerk went above and beyond her required duties. She was most helpful, knowledgeable, couteous and she had a sense of humor to boot!
    Thank you to Clerk #35!
    A happy customer

  166. We have used the Sunnyvale, CA Post Office at 209 E. Java Dr. for many years. We can’t say how pleasant all the clerks, #20, (Anne), Eveth, Jackie and Wendy treat us. We actually look forward to using the services at the post office. They will recommend some services that we were not even aware of.
    I notice many people are in a hurry, dropping off business and personal items. I have never witness a customer leaving with a grumpy look. They may arrive “grumpy”, but the service is so courteous: customers leave with smiles on their faces.

    Good employees at the Sunnyvale, CA Post Office, Java Dr! 🙂

  167. Post office in Gardiner, MT is always friendly and helpful. Never any problems with receiving mail on time or sending.

  168. I paid $25.70 for overnight delivery. It didn’t arrive until 2 days later. Now I’m getting the runaround about my refund. The postmaster just stated that there is a reason code, but she couldn’t give it to me, then stated it was the wrong address…. so which is it? And if it was the wrong address, where was it delivered to?

  169. Service at the Wieneke St. P.O. was the best I have had since the last time I was there. Clerks were friendly, helpful, courteous and very nice. Has not been that way at all post office locations. I trust you are looking into the delivery or perhaps I should say lack of delivery of packages to certain mail boxes on the HC routes out of the Copper Center, Alaska (99573) office.

  170. The clerk (#10 on 6/24/19 at 3:42pm) never looked up, smiled or changed the tone of her very bored voice. Obviously unhappy to be there and not willing to interact or do more than the minimum required. Other clerks at this facility have not been like that.

  171. Went to the Post Office in Coventry RI, have to say the gentleman that helped me was very professional, courteous and friendly, which is a plus. I have been to several post offices and like this one the most, they seem to be just a bit more patient and helpful, without making you feel like you are wasting their time.
    Love sending things through the Post Office, but sometimes the people are just not very customer friendly.

  172. Exceeded all of my expectations. Warm, kind and seems to love her job. She even offered additional products and services. I was extremely impressed. Jamila was the representative that helped with my passport and Chantay offered me a snack.
    840 5606 0006 006 00037 42855 01
    Thank you

  173. today I experienced the worst customer service treatment by the clerk CRISTOBAL DE JESUS at my neighborhood postal office by San Claudio st in Cupey, San Juan PR 00926.
    He was very very rude and disrespectful . And I took the time to report him because this is not the first time this has happen with him.
    All other clerks always treat me with respect. I can’t believe they let him treat customers like that! …but Like they say: “THERE ARE NO BAD EMPLOYEES..ONLY BAD SUPERVISORS”

  174. Well, I was going to take the survey but it never prompted me to do so. My experience was just fine in KCMO.

  175. USPS Medford, OR
    3 Jul 19 Megan did an excellent job in shipping an international package for me. Wonderful experience , would use again.

  176. Clerk No 16
    200 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. DR.
    TN 38301

    July 3, 2019

    Thank you most kindly for your thoughtfulness, understanding, and help! You are an example of professionalism, courtesy, and human feeling!

  177. I went to the Post Office in Calhan, Colorado, zip code 80808, today. The clerk Adam is the rudest person I have to deal with. Today I mailed some large envelopes. When I clicked on NO about the question about the contents, it didn’t take right away, so I pushed it again. He barked at me “It takes a minute, You don’t have to beat it to death!” Very embarrassing as there were other people waiting in line to be helped. Everyone in town says the same thing about this guy. I wish he would retire or be transferred elsewhere.
    I hate going in the Post Office when he is there.

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